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Agathe Aladin
Agathe Aladin is the daughter of Theard Aladin, also a painter, as well as a farmer, and a building constructor. In her figuration and drawing style, there are echos of her father's work. Her palette is bolder and more clear; her compositions more complex. Agathe paints scenes which range in content from the everyday to the supernatural. Her major themes are womanhood, childhood, and family.


25-370, 16"x20" $480

26-039, 16"x20" $480

27-082, 16"x24" $576

24-077, 12"x16" $288

25-369, 12"x16" $288

26-219,12"x16" $288


23-144, 12"x16" $288

27-080, 20"X24"$720

25-370, 16"x20" $480

25-126, 12"x16" $288

26-211, 12"x16" $288

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