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Blaise, Andre

Andre Blaise was born in January or February of 1961 in Cap Haitien. His father worked as a mason and tax collector, while his mother sold fruit and vegetables.

Andre is the youngest of four brothers, all of whom are artists. He began to paint at the age of twelve with the help of his famous brother, St. Louis Blaise. His work evolved from depictions of fantastic submarine landscapes toward an increasing focus in the late 1980s on the characters within those landscapes: peculiarly humanoid fish. Of these fish, he has said "Each fish has its own character. There are the rich, the bourgeois, the lawyers in their office, the hunter with his gun, the mailman with a letter in hand, the doctor, the traveller with his suitcase, the dances and the marriages of the fish. One day I even thought of a horse fish. I find value in this style and I work with it."

Like many artists, Blaise's paintings can sometimes be read as a comment upon current events. "I have been influenced by the political changes. I have not made an Aristide (Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide) fish, but, isn't it possible that every fish can become president?" Something of this humorous cynicism is certainly evident in his more recent work. In these well-crafted paintings, the fish have been joined by doll-like human figures. Sometimes these figures are seen walking hand-in-hand with the fish, while at other times they trail behind. In one painting we see these figures for the puppets they really are, with Blaise himself holding the strings of the puppet-master.

27-587A, 24"x30"

28-164, 12"x16"

Andre is constantly striving to improve his technique. He says of his work habits, "I work at all hours, day or night. When you have a spirit in your head, you have to obey her and work. I don't know how long I'll be painting fish --I have other things to say."

Andre Blaise has participated in many expositions in Haiti, France, and the United States. He currently lives in Carrefour with his wife and two children. His work has been featured in the following publications:

1990 Dialogue du Reel et de L'Imaginaire

1992 L'art Haitien a la Rencortre de l'image d'Epianl

1997 Artistes en Haiti Cent Parmi d'Autres

2000 Peintres Haitiens

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