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Frantz Zephirin

21-101C, 36x48
"Jacob and birth of Esaiu" $7,190

FZ-028C, 24x24
Metting of the
Yan Valou Gods.

213-001C, 36x48
$ 8.640

FZ3-038C, 18x24
Save the earth.$ 3.240

36x48 $ On Request

210-086C, 1620
"The cross of remembering"

FZ512-026C, 30x40
$ On Request

FZ-049c 12x16

210-088C, 20x40

19x32 $4.560

FZ-010C, 24x24
$ 4.320
The Cry and the Tears.

FZ212-004C, 30x40?

HCag-007F, 16x20

FZ2-022C, 11x14
Peace in the World.

FZ-009C, 24x24
flowers of Destiny.
$ 4.320

210-085C, 30x0 $
Price On Request.

FZ2-001C, 24x24.

F210-023, 20x24

FZ-019, 16x20
Mental of Slavery.

28-389C, 16x16

Hcag-032C, 24x24.

FZ-02C, 30x40
The Meting of the
two World.

HCAG-012C, 16x20

93-977, 20x24
"Our international reputation"

210-084C, 16x20

17x21 $2.677

16x20 $3500.

27x39 $5.800

08x10 $1.000

FZ-024C, 16x16

FZ-011C, 24x24

21-099, 24x36
"Head of Jean Baptiste"
Pastel and oil varnish on canvas

HCAG-018C, 16x15


20-277C, 20x24
When the "Loup Garoups"
( evil spirits) came to the village all the inhabitants had already fled

Hcag-007C, 24"x24"
The Queen of the Sea.

FZ-005C, 24x24
Vayage in the Netherworld.

FZ3-026C, 16"x20" Crusifiction de l'ame.
Was Damaged and fixed by the artist

HCAG-014F, 12x16


hcag-039F, 24"x24" $ 4.320
The Quenn of the Deep

210-082C, 1620
"Harmony of the spirit"

FZ2-005C, 08x10

FZ-015C, 16x20

HCAG-060C, 16x30

HCAG-006C, 24x24

FZ-007, 08x10

28-388C, 20x24

HCAG-010C, 16x16

HCAG-008C, 24x24

"Papa Ghede et Grand Brigitte at the cemetary"

HCAG-019C, 24x24

FZ-024C, 18x24

FZ2-005C, 12x32


FZ-023C, 16x20
The Polution of
the Earth.

FZ3-027C, 20"x24"
Le bien et le mal.
$ 3.600
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