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Fortune, Gerard
Gerard Fortune, b.1930, is considered the most important "primitive" of his generation, and is featured in Selden Rodman's Where Art is Joy: Haitian Art: The First 40 Years (1988). After having worked as a cook and at odd jobs most of his life, he began painting in 1978.
He is completely self-taught.
During the late 1980s, Gerard produced thousands of paintings and received international acclaim from art historians, museums, and private collectors around the world. The majority of our collection dates from this exciting time.
For collectors interested in outsider art, he is an excellent choice.

GF-802, 24"x24" $900
oil on masonite

16"x20" $550
oil on masonite

GF-704, 24"x24,"$900
oil on masonite

7-387, 16"x20" SOLD
oil on masonite

GF-1059, 24
oil on masonite

24"x24" $900
oil on masonite

GF-780, 12"x16"$550
oil on masonite

oil on masonite

GF-1013, 16"x20" $550
oil on masonite

7-60,24"x24" $900
oil on masonite

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