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Voltaire Hector
Voltaire Hector was born in Port-au-Prince in 1952. His brother, Roland Hector, encouraged Voltaire to start painting in 1977. He began by painting simple landscapes, moving on to other subjects when his brother died.
Hector has since become one of the best contemporary Haitian folk artists. His paintings are generally autobiographical, often accompanied by a line or two of narrative text. They reflect his experience of daily Haitian life: family life, Voudou ceremonies
Spiritual icons, medical procedures, political, and Hector's own love life.
Hector is a serious artist, constantly improving his technique and the presentation of his work. His paintings are in major Haitian art collections, and have been used by director Jonathan Demme in his films. It is without reservation that we say he will be one of the few select Haitian artists collected into the future.

217-071, 24"x36," $2.300.00

217-070, 24"x30,"
$1.900 Market

213-014, 16" x20" $900
La fabrication de la cassave.

20-161, 16"x20"
$900. Bapteme traditionel.

213-018, 12"x16" $600.
Traitement mystique

29M-288, 16"x20,"
$900. La plantation de riz.

23-466, 16" x 20," $900.
Premiere communion.

29M-286, 16"x20,"
$900 L'artisan du quartier.

210-073A, 24"x30," $1900.
Public transportation(Taptap)

20" x 24" $1300.
Ceremonie Danthor.

97-144, 20"x24" $1300 Violencea Port Au Prince.

29M-289, 16"x20,"
$900Piler le petit-mil pour le dinner

29-081, 08"x10" $200
Romance au park

29M-277, 12"x16, $600

213-019,24"x30," $1900.
The Haitian Palace before and after the earthquake.)

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