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Madsen Mompremier
Born August 12, 1952 in Gonaives, Haiti.
In 1972, Madsen Mompremier came to Port-au-Prince, where he worked as a tailor. Attracted at an early age to drawing and painting, he became a student of the famous Gerard Valcin in 1973. Subsequently, he found his own means of expression, all the while remaining faithful to his master’s teachings. The Voodoo religion finds in Mompremier, a sensitive painter who can feel and understand the atmosphere of its’ ceremonies.

210-21C, 20"x24"

Madsen married a community worker, Erzulie, who in 1978 began painting under his direction. Her subject matter is daily life and his is the mystical. He is a student of mysticism, and is very knowledgeable in Voodoo, mythology, and spiritualism. Very often, his paintings have multiple meanings. Madsen is very well known in Haiti, and since 1979, he has exhibited his work in Italy, France and the United States. In 1982 he had two shows at the Haitian Art Co. - one of his own work and one featuring a sculpture collaboration with Nacious Joseph. Joseph carved the pieces, and Mompremier painted them.

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