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Wilson Bigaud
Bigaud joined the Centre d'Art in 1946, and is considered a first generation Haitian master. He was a major contributor to the St. Trinity Cathedral murals with his masterpiece "The Wedding at Cana". His work is included on the Museum of Modern Art collection. Between 1957 and 1961 he suffered a series of nervous breakdowns, and was unable to paint. However, he has recovered and as Haitian art connoisseur Michel Monnin states: "Wilson Bigaud is in the flourish of his second career. Very few artists of any era have approached the ability to render the beat, the humor, the exuberance of everyday life that makes Haiti so unique...it is in this very detail that validates him a prime witness of his epoch."

93-1682, 20"24"

8-1768, 20"x24"

93-1434, 20"x30"
$ 6,000

6-318,24"x24"$ 6,000
Acrilyc on Masonite

4-108, 24"x30"


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