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Frantz Zephirin

FZ-039C, 40"x40"
Citizens taking over the prison,
Bastille, during the 1789
French Revolution.

HCAG-004F, 24"x24"
The eggs of the world.

FZ-010C, 24x24
The Cry and the Tears.
Price On Request

FZ212-007, 27x39.
Price On Request.

HCAG-038F, 24x24
The Queen ofthe sea.
Price On Request.

HCag-007F, 16x20

L'apparition de Marassa
3 Dossous. $3.900

FZ-063C, 11x12.

FZ-08C, 24x24
The Angel of love.
Price On Request.

CAG-016F, 24x24
The Fighter of feedom.
Price On Request

Price On Request

hcag-039C, 24"x24"
The door of immortality

FZ-015C, 16"x20"
The Drum Spirit

FZ-009C, 24x24
flowers of Destiny.
$ Price On Request

FZ2-022C, 11x14

Peace in the World.

FZ-004C, 24x24.
Arrivel of the Aliens.
Price On Request

FZ-057C, 08"x10"

hcag-039F, 24"x24"
The Quenn of the Deep

FZ3-035C, 30x40
The "UFO" (The visitors"
Price On Request.

FZ-001C, 30x40
$ Price On Request.

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