Ezene Domond

Private Collection

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Ezene Domond
"The Country Life"

219-002D, 20"x24" $4.300

219-004D, 16"x24" $ 3.300

29M-229, 36"x48" 15.550$

219-001D, 24"x30" $ 6.500

Ezene Domond studied painting with his Uncle Wilmino Domond, as well as world famous Voodoo artist Celestine Faustin. He lives and works in the remote rural community of La Fond. His love of nature and the county life is reflected in his work: wonderfully rendered landscapes, markets and animal paintings.

219-006D, 12"x24" $ 2.600

219-003D, 08"x16" $ 1.200

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